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Mistral Network

Formerly known as the Yogscast Community Network, Mistral Network is a Minecraft Community hosted by Networkz.

Ryte Network

A small streamer community created to help small streamers grow and network.

About Us

What is Networkz, and what do we do?

Networkz are the host of Mistral Network, the Unofficial Yogscast Fan Minecraft Network. We've also helped existing servers and networks such as Feudal Tales, The Spiffing Brit's Spifftopia series, DojoCraft and some other projects we can't reveal due to NDA.

We've also provided servers for the Yogscast's Jingle Jam 2020, as well as hosted servers for Rust and OpenTTD.

Starting off as just Nairdwood, Nickythefist joined the team running and maintaining the back end, ensuring everything works as expected and downtime is kept to a minimum. Sandertjee joined the team in early 2021 to help set up and maintain the backend systems of Networkz.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before asking us for help, read these FAQs in case your question has already been answered.

  • The Yogscast Community Network was rebranded to Mistral Network after discussions between us and The Yogscast. Other than the name, nothing has changed, we're still the same network, and the same staff team behind it!

  • Networkz are the host of Mistral Network. We're the team that provide the servers for you. The Mistral Network team are volunteer moderators and admins who work to maintain order within the community. Networkz is the parent brand for Mistral Network.